Choosing a Logo

Along with your brand name, your logo is what represents your organization to the world. Choosing a logo that resonates with your audience will help build brand integrity and recognition around the world.

Building trust through your logo is essential for long-term success and customer loyalty. Trust is the foundation of a strong brand reputation, and it’s something that needs to be consistently nurtured and maintained. The world of branding boasts an array of iconic logos that have transcended their corporate origins to become global symbols of recognition and resonance. Among these, the golden arches of McDonald’s stand as a universally recognized emblem of fast food convenience and comfort. Apple’s sleek, half-bitten apple has become synonymous with innovation and user-friendly technology, reflecting a seamless fusion of form and function. Coca-Cola’s timeless, red-scripted emblem has endured for over a century, encapsulating the effervescent spirit of joy and refreshment. These logos, etched into the collective consciousness, exemplify the power of simplicity, consistency, and emotional connection in successful branding.

We're not in the hamburger business. We're in show business.

The Modish “O”

With mid-century design inspiring the Modish name, it was important for brand consistency to carry that inspiration through the entire identity. Every detail of the Modish brand was designed around vintage motifs, with the spherical “O” in our logo finding inspiration from a popular detail out of British mid-century design. The O can be seen on almost everything we touch – displayed as part of our logo and sprinkled throughout our designs. This creates a consistency across the Modish brand identity, with each document and advertisement that we distribute tied to this inspiration.


Building trust in a brand takes time and consistent effort. It’s important to remember that trust can be easily eroded but is hard to regain once lost. Prioritize trust-building as an ongoing process and maintain the focus of building trust as an integral part of your brand strategy. Integrating your brand identity through everything you do is a well-documented strategy proven to build trust, loyalty, and recognition across your audience.

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