The Modish Squad

The Modish Squad

Thanks to our awesome clients, we had a busy summer this year and our talent has expanded so allow us to reintroduce ourselves…

Hi! We’re Modish. Nice to meet you!

As a team, we’re a multifaceted design and marketing agency where our work is our passion, the conversations are natural, and weirdness billows in the wind. There’s nothing we can’t ideate, create, and edit for multiple rounds until it’s done done done. And as individuals, we’re always mastering our mediums and getting silly behind the scenes.



If you ever need to talk shop, meet Gyona. She’s a great listener with a quiet disposition, yet her art is loud and proud. Her bold, out of the box illustrations and her natural, whimsical style combine to create campaigns fit for everyone. With a background in graphic design, web design, and animation, there’s nothing she can’t whip up. And when she’s not making Modish magic happen, you can find her curled up at home with a spicy mojito soaking up scary movies.



Need art direction that comes to life? Meet Parker. With an old soul and a rock n’ roll personality, her work could make ‘90s babies nostalgic for the ‘70s. She uses her mixed media talents to amplify any brand or identity to the max, making it impossible not to look. No matter the ask, she’ll graphic design it, illustrate it, craft it, and advertise the hell out of it. When she’s not drawing on her iPad or welding jewelry, you can find her sipping on a French 75 and eating crab Rangoon dressed head to toe in vintage loungewear.



Not sure where you’re going? Neither is Nicole! Our resident rambler and a classic Gemini, she brings a level of duality to everything she does. She’ll turn around and present thirty amazing, impactful ideas for your project before you can finish saying “you’re hired”. Efficient, blue-haired, and humble, she finds passion in photography, dedication in design, and creativity in communication. You can find her slurping on a blue raspberry slushie watching The Good Place (again) at any given time.



If you’re at a loss for words, meet Katie. With a dry sense of humor and boomerang wit, it’s not hard to tell that she watched a lot of Monty Python at a young age. Whether it’s a tagline, short story, or video script, her copywriting will make you feel things. Her self-sacrificing nature makes her a great vessel for your message, no matter where you come from. And when she’s not writing her ass off, she’s binge-watching Family Guy, munching on jalapeño poppers and downing them with a gin and tonic.



Who better to bring us all together than our Creative Director, Cristina! As the Modish ringleader, she tackles every project with a flexible and fundamentally unconventional mindset. She knows how to get to the gooey center of the tootsie pop without needing all the licks. By breaking the silence and asking all the right questions, she can turn a simple idea into an experience. And when she goes home after a long day of making work fun, you’ll find her unwinding with a stiff Pain Killer, spicy fruits, and nodding along to Mad Men.

So you could say we’re same same, but different. But still same. All a little Modish and ready to brand your next project.


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The Ultimate Guide to the Modish Branding Process

The Ultimate Guide to the Modish Branding Process

Hey there! If you’ve stumbled upon this post, you are more than likely interested in learning about how we at Modish conduct our branding process. Well, looks like you’re in the right spot. In this article, we’ve taken the liberty to break down the steps and make this guide for you to gain insight on how we tackle our branding process with clients. 

Initial Steps

After our initial meeting and once we have established that we are a good fit for your brand, we will begin collecting as much information about your business, service or product. Some questions we may ask include:


Who are you?
What are your goal?
Who is your target audience?
What branding deliverables do you need?
Who is your competition?
When do you want to launch?


Once we’ve addressed these initial details, we then move onto brainstorming. If you’re in need of a name, don’t worry. We can create some ideas that might be fitting for you. If you already have a name, we can move right into designing logo sketches. As the client, you must select and finalize a logo design, color scheme, and font direction before we can move forward. Once you select a finalized name and/or logo, we can proceed with designing your website and marketing materials. This is where we start bringing your brand to life!


Simultaneously, the copywriting process will also begin here. Content for both the website, and marketing materials will be created. This requires back and forth communication between the copywriter and the client so as to ensure we accurately capture the voice of your brand.

As part of the process, we offer to set up a photoshoot as well. The images from this shoot may be used for the website, marketing materials, and any other areas where they are needed.

Designing and developing the website takes the longest and uses the most components of the brand. It will likely be the last deliverable to be finalized yet one of the first that we get started on. The development will continue as we design the rest of the brand and the final version won’t be ready until every detail, link, and function is properly tested and approved.

We know it’s not always likely that you’ll be satisfied with our initial designs, so a few revisions of the deliverables are to be expected. To make sure our clients are pleased, the team works on each aspect of the brand until a final version is selected by the client.

To entail that we stick to a decent timeline, we have to ensure that the needed steps are completed and work is being approved by clients. Being stuck on a name and/or logo design is the step that stalls the rest of the project. We need the color, font, and design styles to be finalized before moving onto the rest of the brand because these essential factors set the standard.


Once the brand is finalized, the team designs a brand book with rules. This is a guide for the client and/or the team handling your brand moving forward.
Ready? Launch! Your brand now goes live.

What Client are you?

From our experience, we’ve worked with three different types of clients. Want to find out which one you are? Take a look below.


Believer – You are the GOAT. You simply just get it. You help the project move along smoothly with constructive criticism. Usually have great examples of what you like and maintain constant communication. You’ll allow us creative freedom and trust that our team is made up of experts.


Direct – By now, you’ve probably decided we’re a good fit and you’re going to give us a call right after you finish reading this article. You are prompt, organized, and straight forward. Know what you like and don’t like. Because of this, your brand will most likely be launched on time or early and we thank you for that.


Indecisive – You’ve made it this far into the article, but are still 50/50 about starting your branding project. Gaining your trust will be a challenge, but we’ll get there. Eventually. Because you are unsure and wait long to approve deliverables, your branding process often gets pushed behind and this stalls the project launch. As long as you’re OK with this, then so are we. However, we hope that you trust us enough to make decisions for you. We promise we have your best interest in mind.


Still need more information?

We tried to cover some of the most frequently asked questions that clients have when it comes to branding and what we have to offer.


How long will it take?

This depends on the client’s timeline, communication, and workload. We usually estimate between 2-4 months.


Do I have enough to start?

Not having everything is better for the branding process! We can help you develop a brand from scratch without any outside influences.


Can you show me what the branding process is like?

Yes, we can walk you through each step by showing examples. Or, you can check out this very article as you’re currently doing!


Now that you’re an expert on how the Modish branding process flows and you’ve established what type of client you are… are we a good fit? If so, what are you waiting for? Let’s create the brand of your dreams!


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