Hi! We’re Modish. Nice to meet you! As a team, we’re a multifaceted design and marketing agency where our work is our passion, the conversations are natural, and weirdness billows in the wind. There’s nothing we can’t ideate, create, and edit for multiple rounds until it’s done done done. And as individuals, we’re always mastering our mediums and getting silly behind the scenes.

Cristina Magaña

Creative Director

Cristina tackles every project with a flexible and fundamentally unconventional mindset. She knows how to get to the gooey center of the tootsie pop without needing all the licks. By breaking the silence and asking all the right questions, she can turn a simple idea into an experience. And when she goes home after a long day of making work fun, you’ll find her unwinding with a stiff Pain Killer Cocktail, spicy fruits, and nodding along to Mad Men.

Nicole Edelbrock

Graphic Designer

Not sure where you’re going? Neither is Nicole! Our resident rambler and a classic Gemini, she brings a level of duality to everything she does. She’ll turn around and present thirty amazing, impactful ideas for your project before you can finish saying “you’re hired”. Efficient, blue-haired, and humble, she finds passion in photography, dedication in design, and creativity in communication. You can find her slurping on a blue raspberry slushie watching The Good Place at any given time.

Gyona Rice

Graphic Designer

If you ever need to talk shop, meet Gyona. She’s a great listener with a quiet disposition, yet her art is loud and proud. Her bold, out of the box illustrations and her natural, whimsical style combine to create campaigns fit for everyone. With a background in graphic design, web design, and animation, there’s nothing she can’t whip up. And when she’s not making Modish magic happen, you can find her curled up at home with a spicy mojito soaking up scary movies.

Parker Menard

Graphic Designer

Need art direction that comes to life? Meet Parker. With an old soul and a rock n’ roll personality, her work could make ‘90s babies nostalgic for the ‘70s. She uses her mixed media talents to amplify any brand or identity to the max, making it impossible not to look. No matter the ask, she’ll graphic design it, illustrate it, craft it, and advertise the hell out of it. When she’s not drawing on her iPad or welding jewelry, you can find her sipping on a French 75 and eating crab Rangoon dressed head to toe in vintage loungewear.

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