Hi! We’re Modish. Nice to meet you! As a team, we’re a multifaceted design and marketing agency where our work is our passion, the conversations are natural, and weirdness billows in the wind. There’s nothing we can’t ideate, create, and edit for multiple rounds until it’s done done done. And as individuals, we’re always mastering our mediums and getting silly behind the scenes.

Photo of Cristina dressed in coral, set against coral backdrop with "Pantone 45-7 C Mod Orange" written below.

Cristina Magaña

Founder & Creative Director

Meet Cristina, our founder and Creative Director. As an Aquarian leader, she tackles every project with a flexible and fundamentally unconventional mindset. She knows how to get to the gooey center of the tootsie pop without needing all the licks. By breaking the silence and asking all the right questions, she can turn a simple idea into an experience. And when she goes home after a long day of making work fun, you’ll find her unwinding with a stiff pain killer cocktail, spicy fruits, and nodding along to Mad Men.

Photo of Rohini Ramakrishnan in yellow with, "Pantone 7-8 C Dandelion" written below.

Rohini Ramakrishnan

Brand Manager

Meet Rohini, our social media and advertising expert. She uses her mixed media talents to amplify any brand or identity to the max. A true Capricorn, workaholic with a positive can do attitude. She loves the extravagance of Bollywood and her Indian culture. Her weakness? Designer handbags. Rohini is a sucker for bold design. When she’s not obsessing over Coco, her English Cocker Spaniel, you can find her sipping on a jalapeño margarita. 

Photo of Will Callis in blue with "Patone, 2728 C Bookworm" written below.

Will Callis

Graphic Designer

Will is a stellar typographer and web design expert. He has a passion for creating music and amazes us with his meticulous attention to detail. A Taurus, cat lover, and soccer enthusiast. You may catch him chanting, City, City, The best team in the land! On the weekend, you can find him making and sipping Better Life Choices and admiring Creed’s mysterious nature in The Office. 

Photo of Pamela Mohar in coral, with Pantone 1645 U Cat's Meow written underneath.

Pamela Mohar

Project Manager

Pam is a proud hyper organizer, retro pop culture enthusiast and cat lover. Her professional and educational background in art make her the perfect project manager for a creative agency like Modish. Pam loves watching the creative team collaborate and bring brands to life. And we enjoy watching her take charge of projects like a true Leo. On her days off, you can find her enjoying a vodka rocks with a lime and finding inspiration in animated films like Yellow Submarine. 

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